Neymar’s Humongous New Calf Tattoo Is Actually Rather Impressive, Not To Mention Poignant (Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, December 2015


With a bit of free time on his hands and bundles of disposable income to fritter away, Neymar has done the done thing and gone out and had several more square inches of his skin filled up with a gigantic new tattoo.

Shockingly for a professional footballer, the Barcelona striker’s new addition to his ever-swelling ink collection, while undeniably massive, is not altogether awful or hackneyed.

@vtattoo.spain.official @neymarjr

A photo posted by Miguel Bohigues (@miguelbohigues) on

According to the tattoo artist responsible, Miguel Bohigues, the piece is called “Persigue Tus Goals” (Pursue Your Goals) and shows the young Neymar, football tucked under his arm, staring up at his humble favela while dreaming about making it big someday…

@vtattoo.spain.official @neymarjr Persigue tus metas. Viendo el significado de este tatuaje quizás sería un título acertado para mi obra ,en el que vemos sobre la piel a un joven Neymar recordando sus orígenes,el lugar de donde proviene y como con los años todo esto a quedado atrás en el camino, guiándonos hacia un lugar donde con esfuerzo todos podemos conseguir nuestros sueños,conseguir ser un número 1 .Gracias neymar de nuevo por dejarme tu piel para continuar con mi plan,gracias por inspirarnos a muchos y hacernos soñar con que en cada uno de nosotros existe un Neymar. Miguel Bohigues. Persegue as tuas metas, vendo o significado desta tatuagem esse quiça será o título mais acertado para meu obra em que vemos sobre a pele um jovem Neymar recordando as suas origens, o lugar de onde vem e como com os anos tudo aquilo foi ficando para trás no caminho, guiando-nos para um lugar onde com esforço todos podemos conseguir os nossos sonhos, conseguir ser um numero 1. Obrigado Neymar de novo por me deixares na tua pele continuar com o meu plano, obrigado por inspirar-nos e fazer-nos sonhar que em cada um de nós existe um Neymar.Miguel Bohigues. A photo posted by Miguel Bohigues (@miguelbohigues) on

While it’s not one we’d necessarily pick to have etched on our own calves, we’re definitely impressed at the craftsmanship on display there.

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  1. chris says:

    He’s a nice lad apparently.
    Shame he’s a diving play acting cheat

    • REYmar #1 says:

      Aren’t you talking about Penaldo? Neymar is actually targetted, like the disgraceful hit by Isco when Neymar destroyed Real Madrid.

  2. Ron says:

    I long for the days when athletes played sports and went home. So tired of the beards, the tattoos, the absurdly stupid clothes, the hairdos. Fuck, it’s annoying. I’m 35, no 80.

    • Jarren says:

      To be fair Ron, I’m glad the modern footballer does this rather than go out and get pissed every night.

      “It’s not like the good old days”, and sometimes when you look back they weren’t so good after all.

  3. Paulo from Brasil says:

    Nice lad? This is the guy who told defenders during his early days as a pro (when they complained about his diving) “”I can do anything, I am a millionaire””.
    Neymar is a fucking idiot.

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