Essex School Bans Crafty Kids From Putting Rubber Glue On Their Football Boots

Chris Wright

12th, December 2015

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Photo: Sugru/Digital Newsroom

Teachers at a secondary school in Essex have banned their students from wearing football boots they’d craftily customised using a new type of malleable glue.

Kids at the Chafford school in Rainham had used a new glue called Sugru, which hardens and turns to rubber in 24 hours, to modify their boots into DIY Adidas Predators by moulding the putty into strips and ridges over the toes.

According to the Romford Recorder, it was decided that the Sugru was affording the kids an unfair advantage by improving their touch and shooting prowess.


Chafford teacher Matthew Goodman with a pair of gloop-covered boots (Photo: Romford Recorder)

Chafford’s director of sport, teacher, Mathew Goodman, had this to say on the matter:

This latest trend for using Sugru to enhance their football boots and give their football skills a boost has taken the school by storm.

They’ve even been using different colours to customise their boots to match their favourite team colours.

While we applaud their ingenuity and creativity, we have now had to enforce a ban on these boots, as it was no longer fair on the other players.

The shiny professional photos? The gushing praise from ‘disapproving’ teachers? Something’s awry here.

While the yarn is enjoyable enough, as PR stunts go this is fairly blatant bought-and-paid-for stuff from Sugru, who are apparently hoping to position themselves as direct rival to Sellotape and Blu-Tack in the lucrative household adhesive market.

Anyway, it’s all been done before…


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1 Comment

  1. Jeremia says:

    Yeah, if kids want to have better shoes they should get them it the fair, traditional way- have wealthier parents!

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