Football Tat: Ever Wanted To Own A Watch Inspired By Birmingham City’s Hideous 1992 ‘Triton’ Kit?

Chris Wright

6th, January 2016


Finally, shit football kit afficianados everywhere will be able to get their grubby paws on a stunning timepiece inspired by one of the shittest of them all: Birmingham’s nausea-inducing kit from 1992-93.

For a limited time only, online Birmingham City merchandise store KRO Clothing are flogging what they describe as a “shocker” of a watch that commemorates the Blues’ infamously gaudy ‘Triton’ strip. which was apparently inspired by an airport departure lounge carpet.

Only 500 of the “exclusive limited edition” watches have been produced, and are available at a very modest £34.99.


Image: KRO Clothing

It even comes with a warning that if you “Google ‘terrible football kits’, this kit will appear”…

Fancy ordering one for the Brummie in your life? Step this way please.

Try to form an orderly queue.