Nike Ousadia Alegria: Designed By Brazilian Artist Bruno Big, Neymar’s New Custom Boots Are Certainly Eye-Catching (Photos)

Chris Wright

25th, January 2016



It’s been nearly a month so Nike have rolled out a brand new pair of custom boots for Neymar, and the latest pair of specially designed shoesies are certainly what you might call ‘eye-catching’.

Inspired by what we’re told is Neymar’s personal mantra, “Ousadia Alegria” (‘Daring and joy’), the vibrant boots have been designed by renowned Brazilian artist Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro, who goes by the professional name Bruno Big.

This be he…


“I created two different images, one for ‘Ousadia’ and one for ‘Alegria,’” Bruno waffled.

“There is a heart and there is a hand, so the idea is intended to be more graphic than a direct message. That is the interesting point of it.”


As per the Nike blurb, while the graphic is intentionally abstract, the placement is purposeful. On the “Ousadia” boot, fingers wrap around as if holding it. On the “Alegria” boot, the fist is centred where it will make contact with the ball.

Clever stuff.


As can be seen in the top photo, Bruno Big painted a giant canvas consisting of 1,000 shoeboxes to commemorate the boot launch, with the first box being personally delivered to Neymar himself.

As for the other 999, they’ll all be flogged from the Nike store with the boots inside, meaning that each customer will receive a unique set of Ousadia Alegrias.


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  1. Ron says:

    Soccer is one of those sports where twits are working 24/7 to figure out how to sell people more gear than just cleats, socks, and a ball. They need to generate more revenue, so they need to find more junk to sell to people. Just look at jogging…you used to need a pair of running sneakers, not you need leg stockings, finger shoes, arm stockings, a special hat, a special water belt, recovery gear, etc. All for that amble on the exercise path.

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