Latest Leaked Images Of England’s Euro 2016 Home & Away Kits Look Incredibly Naff (Photos)

Chris Wright

14th, March 2016

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As can be seen above, the last time we checked it looked as though England’s kit for Euro 2016 were shaping up to be a svelte affair with a leaked mock-up showing a clean, crisp white shirt with a delicate smattering of sky blue detailing on the sleeves.

It was something a little bit different and we kind of liked it.

However, a new batch of leaked images have been picked up by the chaps over at Todo Sobre Camisetas – leaked images that feature an altogether different and massively more naff Nike design for the home and away strips.



Image via Todo Sobre Camisetas



Image via Todo Sobre Camisetas

In a word… Yuck.

In nine words… Blocky and dull, like a bog standard Sunday League template kit.

Dear Nike, if these are the new England kits for 2016 then burn them, scorch the designs and please try a little harder.