Sporting Lisbon Players Wear Deliberately Misspelled Shirts To Highlight Perils Of Buying Shoddy Fake Merchandise

Chris Wright

21st, March 2016



Keen-eyed fans for the Portuguese top flight may well have noticed that Sporting Lisbon’s kitman appeared to have a total nightmare ahead of Saturday night’s game against Arouca.

Indeed, every single member of Sporting’s starting XI took to the pitch with their names spelled incorrectly across the backs of their shirts.

For example, striker Teo Gutierrez (who usually plays with his first name on the back of his jersey) had ‘Guterres’ between his shoulder blades while midfielder Joao Mario’s shirt read ‘J.Dario’ – as can be seen in the photo above.

Mercifully, the confusion was cleared up at half-time, when a stadium announcement revealed that the misspelled shirts were part of a campaign to discourage Sporting fans from buying shoddy, sub-standard fake merchandise.

They would say that though, wouldn’t they? Why buy dodgy crap from a market stall outside the ground when you can blow €75 on an authentic replica in the official Sporting club shop?

Pies only paid a fiver for our Man City shirt and we absolutely love it…


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  1. James Dario says:

    Fuck Joao Mario trying to steal my name. This all seems like a waste of time and money. Maybe if they brought the prices down people would stop buying fakes. Mind you, you can get some decent looking fakes from China. UNREAL

  2. Geoff says:

    And the irony of this article is that you got the bloody club name wrong! There is NO Sporting Lisbon. SCP! Sporting Clube de Portugal.

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