Romania Replace Squad Numbers With Maths Equations To Help Promote Childhood Numeracy (Photos)

Chris Wright

28th, March 2016

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Photo: Romanian Football Federation (FRF)

Romania have replaced their usual squad numbers with various maths equations in a novel attempt to promote numeracy among Romanian kids.

The country has one of the worst rates of children dropping out of school in Europe, with 18% dropping out before completing their secondary education.

President of the Romanian Football Federation, Razvan Burleanu, told the FRF website:

Football and mathematics are not mutually exclusive. Through this project, children will learn the basics of football and have an opportunity for the first time in our country – to discover mathematics through an attractive approach.

This included morphing the number on every player’s training kit into a solvable equation ahead of Romania’s friendly against Spain in Cluj over the weekend…


Photo: FRF


Photo: FRF

Thankfully, the game itself required no complex mathematics to fathom, ending goalless as it did.