Gorgeous: Adidas Launch Brand New, Modernised Version Of Classic ‘Copa Mundial’ Football Boot (Photos)

Chris Wright

18th, April 2016



Photo: @adidasUK/Twitter

It’s always risky to go farting around with the classics, but we hope you’ll agree when we say that Adidas have just about got it spot on with the new, modernised re-draft of their ever-popular Copa Mundial football boots.

Widely renowned as one of the most comfortable, hard-wearing boots ever made, Copa Mundials enjoy a cult-like following.

With the new Copa SL, Adidas have attempted to breathe new life into a 37-year-old design by rolling out a limited edition batch of what they’re calling a “modern twist on one of the most iconic boots of all time”.

Unsurprisingly, they ain’t bad lookin’ things neither…

On sale as of today, you’ll be glad to know that the new Copa SL have retained the infamously steep price point of their forerunners, with a pair likely to set you back £185.

Fortunately, gawping at the achingly beautiful photos is absolutely free of charge.

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Purely a needless gimmick if you ask me, when ever have modern interpretations of classics been done well or needed? They lack the luxuriousness of the leather combined with the simpleness of the sole that makes the Copa Mundial so beautiful and timeless. Plus these are more than twice the price of a pair of Mundials.

  2. Johnny Eightoheight says:

    They have taken away the best part of the boot which was the kangaroo leather, it’s now just another disposable boot which I guess is good for Adidas. If they wanted to reduce the weight, just replace the injection moulded (plastic) sole with carbon fibre or even fibreglass. Even then 100g is nothing weight wise, take a sip of water and you have just added that 100g back. Ah well I’m sure they will sell.

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