Spanish Fourth-Tier Side CD Palencia Unveil Marvellous New ‘Anatomical Muscle Diagram’ Kit (Photos)

Chris Wright

13th, May 2016



We have a latest entrant in the arms race that is the ongoing “who can produce the most diabolical kit?” contest down in the Spanish lower leagues.

In the recent past we’ve seen some absolute horrors from the likes of La Hoya Lorca (broccoli-themed), Cultural Leonesa (tuxedo), CD Luogo (beer and octopus), AD Caravaca de la Cruz (???) and CD Guijuelo (good old-fashioned ham), but it looks like newboys CD Palencia might just have trumped them all.

Officially unveiled on Thursday, Palencia’s new strip features a neck-to-knee recreation of the human muscle structure…


We’re sure you’ll agree that the goalkeeper’s bruised purple version is particularly repulsive…


Okay guys, we’ve all had a laugh. Can we just knock it on the head now?

(Photos: CD Palencia/Facebook)