The Switch ft. Cristiano Ronaldo: Nike Absolutely Nail It Once Again With Cracking Euro 2016 Advert (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, June 2016


Proving once again that nobody can match them when it comes to knocking out big-budget adverts, Nike have gone and nailed it again with their Euro 2016 promo film.

‘The Switch’ sees Cristiano Ronaldo acting his arse off in what is essentially a ‘body swap’ romp that sees the Portugal star collide with a ballboy, which is when the titular switch is made.  One then wakes up in suburban Lancashire and one wakes up in a swanky mansion on the outskirts of Madrid.

The glitzy advert also features a parade of big-name cameos along the way, though it’s the surprisingly natural Ronaldo who steals the show…

While it’s probably not the best they’ve ever made (look no further than Brazil at the airport, circa 1998), The Switch is definitely up there in the Nike pantheon.

What’s the verdict, Pies fans?