Spanish Novelty Kit Craze Continues As CD Pinzon Unveil New Strawberry And Blueberry-Themed Kits (Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, July 2016


Photo: @clubdpinzon/Twitter

Another day, another Spanish lower league side unveils their attempt at horning in on the whole ‘novelty regional-food-themed kit’ craze.

This time it’s Andalusian club CD Pinzon, who have chosen to shill for the local agricultural industry by unveiling a new strawberry (home) and blueberry (away) kit to advertise the abundance of fresh fruit available in their little corner of the world.

The resulting jerseys are suitably garish…


Photo: @clubdpinzon/Twitter

So now we’ve seen Iberico ham, octopus, beer,and broccoli kits, as well as strips designed to look like tuxedos, a tourist brochure and the internal workings of the human body – oh, and a kit with a scratch ‘n’ sniff badge that smells like freshly-cut grass.

We ask you: where/when will the madness end?

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