To Infinity And Beyond: Reading Quite Literally Launch New Kits 40km Up To The Edge Of Space (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, July 2016


Image: Reading FC/Youtube

Reading have taken the concept of a kit launch, spit-balled and brain-stormed it back and forth for a while and eventually decided to shill their new shirts in exactly the same way Sao Paulo did it three years ago, by sending them up into space.

The Championship side tethered their new home and away jerseys to a balloon and sent it almost 40,000 metres up to the very edge of heaven, filming the whole thing as they went.

The entire climb, all 39,084 metres of it, can be watched on this ‘ere live feed.

As per the info we’re given on the Reading club site, once the kits reach their maximum altitude they’ll be jettisoned back down to Earth, reaching speeds of 211mph before the parachutes are automatically deployed.

Assuming everything goes as planned, the shirts will eventually return to terra firma “in a field somewhere between Thetford and Norwich”.

Pretty nifty stuff, no?

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