Cristian Tello Wears ‘I Love Beer’ Shirt To His Fiorentina Medical (Photos)

Chris Wright

16th, August 2016



Turns out Pies have something in common with this young man

Having already spent last season on loan there, Cristian Tello was so blasé about passing another medical at Fiorentina that he decided to take the piss by turning up wearing a t-shirt that proudly declared his love of beer.

Indeed, the Barcelona fringe player underwent his second Viola physical on Monday (right under the nose of manager Paulo Sousa) while sporting his favourite “I ♥ Beer’ shirt all the while…

You’ve got to give it to him. That’s ballsy.

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  1. Beer Drinker says:

    I love Beer too. Hops are a great “medicine” and Barley is good too. As someone who is Tee-total its great to see things like Becks Blue, Bavaria and Estrella Galacia. Wearing a T shirt to show my love for it is not my thing but I’m not sure what’s “ballsy” about the T shirt or beer in itself. #banter #bantz #banta

    • manker says:

      Popping along up to an institute dedicated to physically preparing its employees to a perfect state, for a medical which is essential to your continued employment with them, whilst wearing a shirt emblazoning your affection for a product whose health disadvantages far outweigh the good, could be described as somewhat bold. That’s why it’s ballsy.

      In passing, who the hell capitalises and hyphenates ‘teetotal’. Weird.

      • Beer Drinker says:

        Well I did list a load of alcohol free beers and state that I’m teetotal. And Google keyboard hyphenated it….and meh to changing it.

        Alcohol free beer is harmful, eh?

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