Shit Football Ink: Lionel Messi Covers Up Entire Leg Tattoo With Giant Black ‘Sock’ (Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, November 2016


Not that it was a peerless work of art to begin with, but Lionel Messi has gone and covered up his enormous leg tattoo with a truly hideous enormous leg tattoo.

Occupying some of the most expensive real estate in the game, Messi’s original ink took up the entirety of his lower left leg and comprised of angel wings, flowers, swords, little penny floater footballs, his squad number and the handprints of his firstborn son, Thiago.

Now, after an industrial-scale reworking, the number and the handprints are all that remain, along with what now looks suspiciously like a deep vein thrombosis compression sock…


Photos: @FCBarcelonaFl/Twitter

As yet, nobody seems to know quite why Messi has gone to such extreme lengths to blot out his old tattoo.

Still, yuk.