Join Us In Praying That This ‘Van Gogh-Inspired’ Monstrosity Isn’t Holland’s New Home Shirt (Photo)

Chris Wright

17th, November 2016


A cursory flick back through the archives has shown that the Netherlands have never really suffered with a duff kit.

Sure, there have been some slightly drab incarnations of the famous Oranje over the years, but the Dutch have never actually endured what you might call a ‘bad’ strip.

Till now, that is…


Image: @sportlobster/Twitter

According to Twitter-based rumourmongers, what you’re looking at there is the Netherlands’ new home shirt.

It supposedly features an oil paint motif inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s brush work – specifically, we’ve managed to ascertain, the hay bales in ‘The Afternoon Nap’, 1890.

At this point we’re keen to stress that nothing is official and the ‘Van Gogh’ jersey may just be a photoshop hoax or a fantasy kit design dredged up from a forum somewhere.

Let’s hope so, eh? It’s be a shame to end nigh-on 100 years of pristine Oranje glory with that nausea-inducing thing.


Thank Christ.