Modern Football Is Rubbish: Juventus Ditch Classic Badge In Favour Of New Club Logo (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

17th, January 2017



Juventus have proudly announced that they are ditching the club crest that has served them well for the past 45-plus years in favour of a new streamlined logo.

Unveiled by club president Andrea Agnelli has a flashy ceremony in Milan last night, the new ‘J’ logo is supposedly a “symbol of the Juventus way of living.”

Of course, it goes without saying that almost everybody, Juventus fans and otherwise, hates it.

Speaking at the launch bash, Agnelli told the audience:

We spent a year trying to find out what the new markets want, but also to show a sense of belonging and looking to the future.

Pandering to new markets? How illustrious.

Turns out nothing is sacred after all.

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  1. Bruno says:

    This is absolutely horrible. I would expect something like this from a club with no history, like PSG, City or a MLS club. But JUVENTUS?

    La vecchia signora is now the teenage girl with the iphone

  2. boyo says:

    so ridicolous it could be an april fools. what a stupid stupid decision. looks like the logo of a sports clothing store

  3. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Kinda like it actually. #fancydancymagicprancy

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