‘We’re Rebranding Too!’ – Russian Minnows FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk Mock Juventus’ Rubbish New Logo

Chris Wright

17th, January 2017


Ever since Juventus unveiled their new synergised, corporate-friendly club logo earlier today, fans have been quite rightly lining up to take the piss out of them for it.

However, fellow clubs are now joining the fun, with Russian second division outfit FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk proudly announcing that they too are planning to follow in Juve’s footsteps by rejigging their look for 2017…

Translation: “We are thinking about rebranding! #trends #2beEnisey”

Here’s hoping that every other football club in the entire world queues up to mock Juve for their heinous crime.

Frankly, it’s the least they deserve!

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