Modern Football Is Rubbish: MK Dons Release ’50th Anniversary’ Shirt Despite Only Being Formed 12 Years Ago (Photo)

Chris Wright

18th, January 2017



Photo: @MKDonsFC/Twitter

What you’re looking at there is the new, limited edition ’50th anniversary’ commemorative shirt, as released by the MK Dons recently.

“But wait, MK Dons are a prefab club that were only formed in 2004 as a desperate corporate cash-grab,” we hear you cry in unison.

Quite right. However, the ’50 years’ being celebrated here is the half-century that has passed since the formation of Milton Keynes itself.

Yep. The club are actually attempting to milk money out of their fans by ‘celebrating’ the year (1967) in which the concrete paradise in which they play was officially opened.

As such, the golden shirt you see afore you is available to pre-order now for £45 from the official MK Dons website, provided you’re a season ticket holder.

Ghastly stuff, isn’t it?

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  1. droopy says:

    Yeah, this is a bit much but on the plus side they are giving free tickets to anyone with an MK postcode.

  2. JP says:

    It’s so easy to scoff at Dons, but if Wimbledon wanted to continue existing then they should have been a better run club.

  3. EdinburghSaint says:

    Not defending the whole saga that saw Wimbledon replaced by MK Dons (I think it’s wrong), but why take a pot shot at them for wanting to celebrate their town’s anniversary? If another town/city did something similar, I’m fairly sure that people would say something positive – it’s continuing to build relationships between a club and its local community, great way to say thank you to its local fans, shows the pride they take in their community etc etc. Similar sentiments about buying the kit – fans can either buy the shirt or not, they’re not forced to so aren’t really ripped off.

  4. Kf says:

    What, so a club based in MK can’t be part of the collective celebrations going on in MK around the town’s 50 year anniversary? Get a grip and focus on the real story. The above is not journalism.

  5. Dave D says:

    You obviously havent done your research – the shirt is to commemorate the town of Milton Keynes being 50 years old, not the club itself. Poor article.

  6. James says:

    This is an example of great community led action by a football club! In many ways this is the complete opposite to the corporate identityless world of modern football. Well done to the Dons!

  7. Don says:

    It’s celebrating milton keynes being 50 this year. How thick are you? Just another opportunity to knock mkdons. Muppet

  8. Spambot says:

    Ghastly journalism. Isn’t it. BTW I have clicked all the banners on this spam page so you can continue the good work. Bruh!

  9. Alan says:

    A great idea by the dons getting all the town involved in well run family club, shame on the lazy spiteful reporter for trying to twist a story from a celebration of a great town.

  10. Zanetin says:

    Their hometown? “Their”? “Hometown”? Seriously? NOT A CHANCE.

  11. J says:

    Who actually cares. I know it is easy to dig at us dons but get over yourselves! U guys must have nothing better to write about

  12. Tom the bees fan says:

    50 years of milton keynes is not something to celebrate.

  13. Keep it up says:

    Good work pies. Intentional or not you’ve done a good job of trolling these franchise supporting, thieving, football destroying bastards. Lots of comments on community spirit without any acknowledgement of the irony, given that this is a spirit that was bought by the highest bidder and taken from another community.

    Enjoy your roundabouts.

  14. maria says:

    However, the ’50 years’ being celebrated here is the half-decade that has passed since the formation of Milton Keynes itself.

    You do know that a decade is ten years right?

  15. Doppleganga says:

    I was worried about my local community spirit so I manufactured a load of golden shirts and tried to sell them to people at a 200% profit mark up… It’s all sorted now, thanks guys.

  16. MK43Hatter says:

    Take a number of run down towns like Newport Pagnell, Wolverton, Bletchley etc. and link them together with hovels like Fishermead and Conniborrow, fill with the lowest of the low of London overspill and you’ve got MK. Horrible false place and so it follow with Winkleman and his stolen football club. Enjoy the celebrations.

  17. Dazzla says:

    But Milton Keynes is much older than 50 years it was around for years as a little village north of the good town of Bletchley, just a parasitic lie designed to suck up the existing football fans that existed in the region. PS what a ghastly piss stained shirt.

  18. Ronnie James says:

    Rather a pathetic little article really as I know of no club that doesn’t sell shirts at a massive profit and can’t recall another giving away free tickets. It will take a long while before the history will be forgotten. But moving away from your fan base and dropping the first part of your name never did Arsenal any harm!

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