World Record: Argentinian Fifth-Tier Club Cram 50 Different Sponsors Onto New Home Shirt (Photos)

Chris Wright

8th, February 2017


Photo: Ole

A plucky team from the Argentinian fifth tier are attempting to get themselves into the record books by cramming more sponsor logos onto their shirt than any other team have ever dared to do.

Asociacion Deportiva Centenario (more commonly known as ADC) debuted their new jersey in the first game of the Federal Torneo C, taking to the field with over 50 sponsors adorning their blue and white strip…


Photos: Ole

According to Ole, ADC are expecting a “positive response” from Guinness World Records as they play in a FIFA-recognised competition.

Gustavo Gomez, club president of ADC, explained the method behind the madness:

Each firm offers that they can and based on that you try to give them the best possible place (on the shirt).

Some are just swaps that don’t involve money.

For example, one firm gave us a quadricycle that we plan to raffle off.

Such are the financial realities of sustaining a fifth-tier football team.

ADC also own the current world record for sponsors on a shirt, having smattered their 2016 kit with no less than 32 company logos…


Coming to a Premier League near you – and probably sooner rather that later…

P.S. This is a quadricycle, as modelled by the Chuckle Brothers…


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