FA Cup: Sutton United Strike One-Off Sponsorship Deal With The Sun For Fifth-Round Tie Against Arsenal (Photos)

Chris Wright

14th, February 2017



Sutton United have announced that they’ll be turning out for next Monday’s FA Cup fifth-round clash against Arsenal with The Sun’s logo emblazoned across their shirts.

Specifically, the National League side have struck a deal to have Sun Bets replace their usual sponsor, Green Go Waste, on their jerseys for the televised game.

This from the U’s club website:

This money will help so much to keep improving this great club,and we’re very excited to be working with Sun Bet.

They arranged for Ian Wright to take a fun training session today with the players, and then arranged for the players […] to have a full tour of Wembley.

This coming after they also announced a significant price hike for the Arsenal match, with tickets bumped up to £35 – even for season ticket holders.

Pies were rooting for an upset, but now…

We understand the need for non-league clubs to earn their money when and where they can, but there’s a fine line between making hay while the sun shines and just plain ol’ selling your soul to the devil.

You’ve got to wonder if Sutton would have taken the same tack had they been drawn against Liverpool.

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  1. Jarren says:

    Enjoy Satan’s milk while you can, Sutton. It will dry out very soon, and you will be left with pennies and no sympathy.

  2. marley says:

    Don’t buy the S*n

  3. Archer says:

    It’s true that money can’t buy you class. The sponsorship is perhaps understandable, but the hike in ticket prices? Shameful.

  4. Scouser Bri says:

    How classless could you get?

  5. Trev says:

    It’s a shame that I received a lifetime ban from the Sutton United online forums for speaking out against the sponsorship. In the aftermath of Piegate, you’d be hard pushed to find a single Sutton United fan who things the deal has been anything but an absolute disaster for the club. I still love my team, but the deal was undoubtedly a catastrophic mistake, with consequences that will linger for months to come.

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