Marcus Rashford The Poster Boy As England Launch Startlingly Dull New Away Kit (Photos)

Chris Wright

20th, March 2017



England have press-ganged Marcus Rashford into modelling their new away kit, which is to be worn for the first time against Germany during Wednesday night’s friendly in Dortmund.

It’s another largely plain, fairly dull, two-tone offering from Nike, this time in navy blue – sorry, “midnight”.

The kit was officially launched via Rashford’s Instagram page, and included some bullshit message about England, Iceland and the awe-inspiring gravitas of Wayne Rooney…

When we were knocked out by Iceland at the Euros, it was a massive disappointment. We were all sitting around in the dressing room after the match, not sure what to think. But then Wayne gets up. And he says one thing. “Keep your head up. We’ve got a lot to fight for in the future. Look forward” But he says it to each individual person. One by one, he goes up to us and looks us in the eye. So that’s where we are now. Our heads are up and we’re fighting for the future. I know I’m young — the whole squad is quite young — but we want to make history in the time we’ve got. We know that when people look back on our team, it’s the trophies people are going to judge us on. Read my full story on @playerstribune or click the link in my bio.

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Here are the photos…

Boring, isn’t it?