Shit Football Kits: Wycombe Wanderers’ Gaudy New Goalkeeper Strips Are Nigh-On Hallucinogenic (Photo)

Chris Wright

6th, July 2017


First of all, be warned that if you still suffer from lucid flashbacks to ‘Nam then you should probably give this article a wide berth.

Wycombe Wanderers have unveiled a couple of new goalkeeper kits for 2017/18 and to call them nauseating is to do them a disservice…

Here’s a closer look, though Pies accept no responsibility for any sudden vision loss incurred as a result…


Christ. Someone definitely spiked the Kool-Aid at the O’Neills design meeting.


According to the accompanying blurb, the yellow home jersey carries a “kaleidoscopic pattern” which is designed to draw the focus of strikers, causing them to shoot at the shirt instead of the goal itself.

The pink one is just pink for the sheer hell of it.