Ligue 1: Montpellier Conjure Up Novel Way Of Getting Rid Of All Their Misspelled Shirts

Chris Wright

12th, September 2017


Photo: @Gravelgrinder4/Twitter

Due to a rather unfortunate production error, Montpellier HSC recently found themselves with a large surplus of misspelled jerseys they were unable to shift.

A glitch in the manufacturing process meant that every Montpellier shirt produced for the 2017/18 – both player issue and the replicas being sold in the club shop – ended up with an ‘L’ being accidentally dropped from the club crest.

The mistake was soon flagged up by fans, with the Ligue 1 club immediately offering complimentary replacements or refunds to those who had shelled out.

However, finding themselves stuck with hundreds of wonky shirts, MHSC have come up with a novel way of getting shot of them: by shipping them all en masse to the town of Montpelier (with one ‘L’) in Vermont, United States.

The finer details of Montpellier’s plan are yet to be made known, but we can only assume they’ll be donated to charity or something similar.

At least their not going straight in the incinerator, and that’s something.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Leave it to the ‘Mericans to misspell the name of the town after which they’ve named their new town…….

  2. usrick says:

    The Yanks just corrected the name to save an L – efficiency and all.

  3. Benjamin is STILL a tool says:

    Not that anyone’s reading this thread anymore, but according to Wikipedia, the Micks & Limeys seem to get it wrong too. So, Benjamin, I suggest that you go to the USA, the UK, and Ireland, and fuck yourself in each of those places.

    Montpelier, County Limerick
    Montpelier Hill, a hill in the Dublin Mountains

    United Kingdom
    Montpelier, Brighton,
    Montpelier Crescent, a 38-house crescent of listed residential buildings in the suburb
    Montpelier, Bristol, an inner city neighbourhood in Bristol, England
    the Montpellier Quarter in Harrogate, England
    Montpelier, London, a suburb of west London, close to Ealing Broadway.

    • Benjamin says:

      Wow, was not expecting such fierce (and somewhat elaborate) respons, but thanks for the info. I’ll keep it in mind next time I try to get a cheap and innocent laugh. Please do understand that all those places you’ve referenced probably were also named after the (somewhat more famous and original) town of Montpellier (and the on in Harrogate is actually spelled correctly according to your notes). But thanks again for your time and effort.

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