Serie A: Young Juventus Fan Positively Disgusted To Receive Inter Milan Shirt As Birthday Gift (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, September 2017


Image via Italian Football TV

As a child, there’s no more poignant betrayal of trust. You love your gran dearly but she doesn’t understand the complexities of club allegiance and local rivalry so she’s just bought you the new Derby County shorts as part of your main birthday present – ergo, you can never speak to her again.

With that pain still raw as the very day (and a grandmother still outcast), Pies can only sympathise with this little Juventus fan whose parents decided to prank on his big day by wrapping him up an Inter Milan shirt and filming the moment he unwrapped it…

Some might say the kid is a tad ungrateful for throwing a strop.

On the other hand, we’re *this close* to reporting his mum and dad for child abuse.