German Amateur Team SV Oberwürzbach Agree Shirt Sponsorship Deal With Local Adult Movie Actress (Photos)

Chris Wright

3rd, October 2017


Photo: SV Oberwürzbach/Facebook

Ahead of the new season, German amateur side SV Oberwürzbach have gone out and signed themselves a new shirt sponsor, thus securing a vital stream of income.

Oberwürzbach, who play in the Saarlandliga (the sixth tier), have agreed a deal with local ‘special interest’ actress, Lena Nitro, who will now have her name and website address emblazoned across the front of the team’s shirts.

Oberwürzbach sporting director Torsten Nelz explained the origins of the deal to Bild:

Our coach Erik Baus, captain Jens Ebersold and I were together and we talked about the new season.

Because we have a really mad team, we wanted to make something crazy.

Then we said: ‘We need a really hot shirt sponsor’ – in the truest sense of the word!

Nelz then emailed Ms Nitro, and two days later the sponsorship agreement was sealed.

The idea is exciting and super. Our goalkeeper, Mark Lang, and I went to Cologne, where we met Lena.

She’s totally authentic.

Bild also inform us that Lena is the star of such movies as ‘Driving Visions’, ‘Maid Sweat’ and ‘Violently Crashed!’ – though we suspect that the German-to-English auto-translation isn’t entirely accurate there.

Any particularly sensitive fans should also note that if they should accidentally follow the address plastered on the front of the Oberwürzbach shirt, it takes you to a non-explicit registration page for Lena’s website.

Reassuring to know, we’re sure.