Football Ink: Diego Maradona’s Infamous ‘Hand Of God’ Immortalised In Wonderfully Creative Tattoo Form (Photo)

Chris Wright

5th, October 2017

While it still rankles with many an England fan (and player), Diego Maradona’s nefarious dalliance with divine intervention at the 1986 World Cup has itself become deified in football folklore.

Indeed, one of the most infamous swindles in the game’s entire storied history is apparently now venerated enough to warrant a tattoo tribute.

That said, this is one hell of a clever tattoo…

Photo: @photosoffootball/Twitter

While we’re not entirely certain Maradona’s dastardly ruse deserves lauding, we can’t argue with the artistry on display here.

Pretty good. Prettyyy… prettyyy… pretty good.

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