Pitta Patter: Lukas Podolski Opens New Doner Kebab Restaurant In Hometown Of Cologne (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

8th, January 2018


Photo: Alliance/H. Kaiser (via DW Sports)

Lukas Podolski has opened yet another business venture in his hometown of Cologne to go alongside the clothing store and the ice-cream parlour he already has in his portfolio.

Podolski’s latest endeavour is a humble kebab shop, Mangal Kebab, which opened in the Chlodwigplatz district over the weekend.

Indeed, 11 Freunde report that almost 1,000 fans queued around the block with some waiting several hours to sample the delicious wares on offer.

The Mangal kebabs are priced at €4.50 a pop and, according to 11 Freunde, are “high quality” offerings of a “generous” size that come complete with simultaneously crispy/fluffy bread, wonderfully spiced meat and a minty tomato-cucumber salad garnish to die for.

Speaking to the magazine, Podolski had this say:

Other folks head to the golfing course after training, and just hang around there all-day long. I sell ice cream, Kebab and clothing, have fun and everyone can take something home.

I back this project 100%, and will help where I can help. I want to continue developing this project. I always put my foot to the floor!

Mmm. Anybody else getting hungry?

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  1. Beano says:

    I actually expected to see an irate comment or two (as is the way on the modern internet). Like “protect German culture” or something.
    You know, cause a German dude opening a restaurant in Germany featuring a dish he likely came to enjoy from his time playing in Turkey is destroying the country or something.

  2. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Döner macht schöner, people! Additionally, it has saved my live on thousands of occasions. Problem yok!

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