Boring, Boring, Boring: England’s Utterly Uninspiring Nike 2018 World Cup Home Shirt Leaked (Photos)

Chris Wright

5th, February 2018


The kit that England will be purportedly wearing at the 2018 World Cup this summer has been leaked and, guess what, it’s another utterly uninspired offering from Nike.

According to the images snaffled by Footy Headlines, the shirt will be of the humdrum ‘plain white’ variety, with a sliver of red trim around the back of neck.

How thoroughly dull. Another unremarkable template from Nike.

The only saving grace is that Footy Headlines reckon the accompanying shorts will return to navy blue while the socks will again revert to white, while the names and numbers on the back will be rendered in red – the optimal formula for an England ensemble as far as Pies are concerned.

As for the away kit, we’re talking red, with white shorts and red socks.

Meh, meh, meh.

The new strips are expected to be formally unveiled ahead of the Three Lions’ friendly against the Netherlands in late March.

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  1. Bruno says:

    At least is not monochromatic, like most of the horrible Adidas away club shirts.

    When United play in grey, I switch to HBO or something. Can’t look at that monochromatic badge shit.

  2. Tel says:

    It’s white, it has an England badge on it. It’s not a fashion show – what are you expecticing exacltly? LED lights? Hipsterness? GET A GRIP.

  3. Lillian Fernandez Romero Onehunna says:

    I can’t bloody believe it. I left Mexico in 1989 for this bullshit. I don’t think so.

  4. Stefano says:

    At least you’re going to the World Cup :(

  5. Chris says:

    Woooowa, they’ve gone crazy with that one. Creativity is redundant to these big conglomerates .. doesn’t make money.

  6. anno1924 says:

    Stop unnecessary whining, actually it’s a very decent jersey with classic look. Majority of the time all national kits should look like that. Kits with creative design will not look creative at all if You will make them every Year.

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