Adidas Create Individual Football Kits For Marvel Superheroes Iron Man, Spiderman And The Hulk (Photos)

Chris Wright

21st, February 2018

Photos: @OFOBALLES/Twitter (via Footy Headlines)

For no other reason than they bloody well feel like it, Adidas have collaborated with Marvel to create a small batch of superhero-themed football kits.

The Adidas Marvel soccer collection is due to be released this summer, with the first offering being a personalised jersey for Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man…

Next up is Bruce Banner, a mild-mannered full-back with a right bloody temper on him…

And last but by no means least is impact sub Peter Parker, a sticky character who is always a threat in front of the net…

Each of the Marvel strips will be available for a mere £50 once the collection hits the Adidas store in a few months’ time.

The bad news? They’re only going to be available in kids’ sizes.

If you’re now hankering to quench your nerd thirst, it may be time to hit eBay in desperate search of one of those Star Wars retro shirts Adidas brought out a few years ago instead.

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