Chevrons, Pinstripes And Vikings: Top 10 Classic Hummel Football Kits Of Yesteryear

Chris Wright

29th, March 2018


There was a time, back during the 1980s, that Hummel had their chevrons splashed across every league from here to Kingdom Come.

Alas, in the era of Nike, Adidas and their mega-clubs, the German brand is more of a niche presence these days, though they still crank out the odd stonker.

Here’s a little shufty at 10 of our favourite Hummel shirts to come trampling out of the tunnel down through the years.

Wimbledon, 1990-91

Kick off with a true classic. The shirt that the Dons went out and treated themselves to after winning the FA Cup…


Aston Villa, 1987-89

An absolute tour de force – a riot of oppressive, confusing visuals, and extremely era appropriate…

Tottenham, 1986-89

Spurs were bequeathed several handsome offerings from Hummel during the 1980s (some were even approved by Diego Maradona), but none were handsomer than the pinstripes on the ’86 third shirt…

Feyenoord, 1987-89

Whopping great sponsor and chevrons to die for…

Real Madrid, 1989-90

While purists may prefer the blank version from 1988, true scholars know that the 1989-90 Real shirt had ‘Hummel’ written all over it in seven-segment display (calculator letters) which, of course, makes it much better…

Wales, 1987

Simple, spick and span…

Norwich City, 1986-87

The classiest of Canary yellow shirts perfectly accented by the very classiest of sponsors…

Zanzibar, 2010-11

If you can’t appreciate the simple joy of a football shirt splashed in chevrons, animal print and a giant leopard’s head then you’re officially dead on the inside…

The corresponding Sierra Leone jersey was also a treat for the senses.

Tibet, 2006

The frankly outstanding shirt worn by ‘The Forbidden Team’, i.e, the Tibetan national side – the team China went to great lengths to prevent playing in their first ever international match (against Greenland) in 2001…

Not enough lace-up collars these days.

Sunderland, 1991-93

The Black Cats wore this little corker in the ’92 FA Cup Final – bold white in the main with a free-for-all approach to the sleeves…

Denmark, 2016-17

Hummel’s most iconic Denmark shirt is undoubtedly the 1986 vintage, but the best is the 2016/17 shirt with a whopping great Viking (folk hero Holger Danske, to be precise) on the front and if you disagree then sorry but you’re wrong…

Deal. With. It.

Any other suitably attractive Hummel efforts (either modern day or classic) that you’d like to pay homage to? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Terry Shedingham says:

    Good call Chris, Hummel have made some of my favourite shirts too. That Tottenham one above is undoubtedly the best, but the 1990/91 home shirt has always had a special place in my heart. Honourable mentions also go to Denmark’s shirts for the 2002 World Cup, and Villa’s 2004/05 home strip.

  2. Mancs a lot says:

    Beauties all around!

  3. Rob says:

    Some cracking shirts on there, the Villa away kit was a beauty as was the Coventry home.
    I hate to correct you but there are a couple of things, although it seems that the company must be Danish because its strong connections to the Denmark national team, Hummel is actually a German company. and also the Wimbledon shirt shown wasn’t the one they won the FA cup in, that was the one they wore the year after. They wore that horrible crappy Spall sports shirt in the final.
    Sorry to be such an anorak.

    • Chris Wright says:

      No problem, Rob. Much appreciated.

      I did actually know that Hummel are a German brand, I just seem to have come down with an acute case of the brainblips.

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    How could you miss this beauty?

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