Arsenal’s New 2018/19 Puma Home Shirt Has Been Leaked And It’s Bloody Hideous! (Photos)

Chris Wright

30th, April 2018


Images of what is purported to be Arsenal’s new Puma home shirt for 2018/19 have been leaked and, truth be told, it looks like a bit of minger.

If the photos intercepted by Footy Headlines (who have a phenomenally high hit rate with this kind of thing) are anything to go by, it would appear that the first Arsenal shirt of the post-Wenger era is going to be a pale, overly-fussy mess…

FH describe the colour as “Chili Red Heather”, which probably won’t look too bad with standard block white sleeves and a conventional collar of some description.

The flimsy neckline and pinkish-looking sleeve bands they’ve opted for are just yuck, yuck, yuck.

What say you, Pies fans? Are we in the minority here, or is this monstrosity actually as bad as we think it is?

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  1. Jake says:

    First impression…training top. Solid meh, it ain’t no Liverpool scuba diver disaster from a couple seasons ago.

  2. jackie wilshere says:

    this is awful but i am not surprised. no one at puma can imagine an arsenal top with WHITE SLEEVES. should be red from neck hole to shoulder. “..and just to make it uglier, we’ll go with pink trim on the sleeves” nice one you gits

  3. Bruno says:

    Now I see why Wenger left.

  4. ChrisCan says:

    It’s not great, but to be fair, the sleeves are better in higher resolution photos where you can see that the armbands are not pink but rather small red stripes. I wouldn’t buy it if I was an Arsenal supporter, but it will be balanced by their navy away shirt, which from leaks so far seems like it is imbued with every bit of style that this one lacks.

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