D’Oh! Argentinian Side Ferro De General Pico Include Homer Simpson Meme On Immense New Goalkeeper Shirt (Photo)

Chris Wright

30th, April 2018

According to our chums over at BabaGol, Argentinian fourth-division side Ferro de General Pico have unveiled their new goalkeeper shirt for next season and, rather unbelievably, it looks like this…

Photo via @BabGol_)

That’s right. The Trecera Division outfit have gone full ‘Simpsons meme’ with a homer-disappear-into-bush.gif themed ‘keeper shirt.

Pies have seen all manner of weird and wonderful motifs included on football shirts, from broccoli to octopuses to Iberico ham.

This… this is something else. It feels like brave new, meme-friendly kit design ground is being trodden here.

That’s if you don’t include the vast myriad cartoon-themed jerseys sported by Uruguayan stopper Pablo Aurrecochea at various points, of course…

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