Pies’ Definitive Top 10 Underrated Kits On Show At 2018 World Cup

Chris Wright

12th, June 2018


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re now perched precariously just two days out from a World Cup.

Plenty has been discussed vis-a-vis the sartorial aspect of the tournament, with praises being sung for many of the kits on show – from Nigeria’s unanimously popular motifs, to Japan’s handsome Samurai-stitching, to clean classics from the likes of Colombia and Mexico.

However, Pies thought we’d seize this opportunity to afford a platform to some of the less-heralded strips being deployed at Russia 2018.

10. Brazil (Away)

Electric blue, samba yellow, geometric dazzle camouflage detailing. Stylish as f**k…

9. Croatia (Away)

Dark and moody, like Lucifer’s tablecloth…

8. Russia (Away)

Like the shimmering uniform for a maintenance crew on a future spacecraft…

7. Mexico (Goalkeeper)

Really odd mix of colours but we like Guillermo Ochoa’s strip in a ‘nachos, salsa and guacamole’ kind of way…

6. Belgium (Away)

Oodles of honey and caramel Stroopwafel golden goodness…

5. Portugal (Home)

The Selecao rarely look anything less than devilishly debonair and 2018 is no exception…

4. Uruguay (Home)

It took a while for it to click, but La Celeste’s subtle sun-and-sky design eventually won us over – if only because it kind of reminds us of the opening credits to the Holiday programme, circa 1996..

3. Peru (Away)

That emblematic sash, but reversed and with golden piping. What’s not to crave?

2. France (Away)

Ooh la la. Vaguely reminiscent of the page at the back of your old school jotter where you used to test your pens…

1. Switzerland (Home)

A work of pure, understated delightfulness and without doubt Pies’ favourite shirt at Russia 2018.

It’s topographic and it’s mesmerising but without being ‘too much’…

Ain’t it purdy? Like a sexy strawberry milkshake.

What do you make of that, Pies fans? Care to disagree?

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  1. lex says:

    Peru away is perfection down to the diamond tape.

  2. Jake says:

    The Uruguay is crap and should not make the list. Whole-heartedly agree with the Russia and Croatia, if this list is in order, I’m ranking them 1 and 3 with the Mexico keeper 2.

  3. JP says:

    Uruguay and Switzerland can both sod off.

    Bloody adore Croatia’s offering though. You could get away with wearing that on a first date!

    P.S. Nigeria’s kit is an atrocity. I know it reminds people of the 90s but that should be proof enough that it’s shite.

  4. Leeland says:

    Oiiii, Argentina’s black away jersey merits itself on the list. Have a shot?

  5. VieuxSang says:

    The Croat offering looks like it was made from curtains at a Strip Club.
    France and Peru take honors. I had no idea about France’s, do they have it in husky sizes? Stretched like a boudin, perhaps the specks will say Vive Le Republique.

  6. Archer says:

    Yes to all!

    I’ve always particularly admired the large-square chequerboard of Croatia – this ones a stonker.

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