Football Art: Expert Woodworker Frank Howarth Turns Exquisite Replica World Cup Match Ball Out Of Maple (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, July 2018

Because why the ‘ecky thump not, a US-based carpenter/joiner by the name of Frank Howarth has had a bash at turning a replica of the 2018 World Cup match ball out of wood.

Frank’s version of the Adidas Telstar 18 is a segmented sphere made from roughly 2000 or so pieces, mostly maple with a patterned section constructed from mosaic squares of birch, cherry, walnut and ebony.

The accompanying video is a full 27 minutes long, but the craftsmanship on display and Frank’s jocular commentary make it a mesmerising watch for anybody with an appreciation for this kind of talent…

Superb. He even make a little ‘valve’ out of ebony, just to cap it all off.

Fine work, Frank!

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