Modern Football Is Rubbish: Forest Green Rovers’ New Kit Features ‘Greyed-Out Stars’ Above Badge To Be Filled In As And When Promotion To League One Is Acheived

Chris Wright

1st, August 2018


Image: @FGRFC_Official/Twitter

Forest Green Rovers are certainly a League Two side with ambitions – ambitions that have served to rub a lot of rival fans up the wrong way on their rise from the non-leagues over the past couple of years.

For the uninitiated, Rovers are an entirely vegan football club and, as of Monday, the world’s first UN-certified carbon neutral football club too.

At the behest of chairman Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, they play on an organic pitch and have a stadium that is designed to both collect rainwater and generate its own source of green energy via a solar panel array on the roof.

It’s all thoroughly commendable stuff, though it doesn’t come without that slight… well, smugness that the majority of vegans seem to naturally bio-emanate.

That’s why, when you see the new above-badge star system Rovers are implementing on their new 2018/19 kits, it’s difficult not to roll your eyeballs into the very deepest recesses of your cranial cavity.

Image: Forest Green Rovers

So what happens if Rovers get promoted to League One, fill in one of their stars and then go straight back down again? Does it go back to grey? Is this a rolling thing? Will stars be added/taken away depending on performances?

It’s all a bit naff – though, in mitigation, the club have vowed that their new strips will buck at least one risible modern trend…

Unlike many clubs, the Forest Green Rovers kits will be worn for two seasons making them greener for the planet and lighter on the wallet for fans, retailing at the same price as last season’s kit.

Fair dos.

Now we don’t know whether to chuckle wryly or offer a polite ripple of golf applause, or both.

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  1. JP says:

    They know how to get people talking.

  2. Vale Dince says:

    I’m an FGR fan and I think this is purely to get media/press coverage. The club is used to promote and market environmentally friendly initiatives.

  3. VieuxSang says:

    I follow the Hatters, so a look down the table was required the entire season to get a feel for the teams going down. Forest Green were floating (like the nutrient rich excrement they are) towards the bottom for much of the season. What moves have they made to make the dirty stars worth it? .

  4. Coiffure Attendant Colorado Williams says:

    I think theyre doin a grand job….the shirt sales malarkey in football is shite and the fact that theyre having a shirt for two seasons is nice/
    lesta new third testament to rotten practise in footy
    i like FGR and i will be following them in der rise up tha leeg

  5. In the light of this faintly hostile report, it is appropriate to point out that UN-certified means certified by the UN (United Nations), not as might be misconstrued in the context of the article, ‘un-certified’.

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