Modern Football Is Rubbish: Real Madrid Are Flogging Official Replica Shirts With Fictional Player’s Name On For €150 (Photo)

Chris Wright

8th, August 2018


Image: EA Sports/FIFA 19

Real Madrid are selling replicas of their new 2018/19 shirt with the name of an entirely fictional player on the back, and all for the bargain price of just €150.

The ‘authentic’ shirt below is currently on sale in Real’s online store and features the name and squad number of Alex Hunter.

The uninitiated may be interested to learn that Hunter is the central character in FIFA’s ongoing ‘The Journey’ series which, in the interests of full disclosure, Pies don’t have the foggiest fig about because we’re not 15-years-old anymore.

All we can tell you is that, as of FIFA 19, Hunter is now an imaginary Real Madrid player having secured an imaginary move from LA Galaxy, but, should fans wish to buy his jersey, they will have to part with 132 very real pounds sterling (plus P&P) for the pleasure…

Image: Real Madrid Store

Good grief. In a right and just world, Real won’t sell a single unit.

However, we have zero faith that this will in fact be the case.

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  1. Murray says:

    It IS peculiar that other clubs in EPL, LA Galaxy, Atl Madrid, Bayern, and PSG haven’t even done this in past years already since EA and FIFA have introduced this story mode.

    I can’t help but wonder if what makes this time around so different has something to do with wanting to recoup unforeseen additional expenses after they were, no doubt, forced to re-script their entire story after CR7’s unexpected transfer to Juventus.

    Just think, it took these various developers and marketers THREE YEARS to finally put out a product where “pretending to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate” could be a popular selling point, only for that to already completely blow up in everybody’s faces.

  2. Jbo says:

    “Pies don’t have the foggiest fig about because we’re not 15-years-old anymore” Too good to play video games? Pretentious much?

    • Geraldo says:

      @Jbo – the point that Pies are trying to make here – if you read the title of the article again – is that modern football is rubbish. It’s not so much a swipe at video games, rather it’s pouring scorn on the fact that a made up player’s shirt is going on sale for the best part of £140. And having no doubt done their market research Real know that it will sell. If that isn’t pretentious much I don’t know what is…

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