Argentina: Ferro De General Pico Add To Collection Of Simpsons-Themed Kits With Delightful ‘Itchy And Scratchy’ Number (Photo)

Chris Wright

8th, October 2018


Photo: BabaGol

Back in April, Argentinian fourth-division side Ferro de General Pico briefly became the talk of the town when they unveiled their startling new goalkeeper shirt.

Leaping aboard the novelty kit bandwagon with gay abandon, Pico unveiled a green jersey complete with the ‘Homer backing slowly into a hedge’ meme on the front.

With the mileage dwindling on their old strip, the Trecera Division club have re-upped with a new Simpsons-themed ‘keeper top, this time featuring Itchy and his partner in cartoon disembowelling, Scratchy…

Fight fight fight, bite bite bite. There’s the new club motto, right there.

The obvious ploy to garner cheap and easy social media attention is about as transparent as it gets, but that doesn’t stop Pies from desperately wanting one.

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  1. Comfy Chair says:

    No. Just no. This is a bad trend which should stop now. Sponsor logos are bad enough littering the kits are bad enough….

    • Nuno says:

      Here I agree with Chris, as long as they do this to the keeper’s jersey only, I am totally fine with it. If they start doing this on the outfield players, then it’s another story.

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