Shit Lookalikes: Exquisitely-Dressed Tory Peer Baroness Fookes & Jorge Campos (Circa 1994)

Chris Wright

1st, November 2018

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Credit up front must go to Alex Patridge (@alexpatridge87) for his astonishing discovery that Tory peer Baroness Fookes has been stealthily channelling the Jorge Campos aesthetic at the House of Lords for years without any of us noticing.

Baroness Don’t-Give-A-Fookes’ latest ensemble was obviously a redolent homage to the retina-shattering, self-designed kit Campos wore in goal for Mexico at the 1994 World Cup…

Indeed, Partridge has delved back through Fookes’ sartorial past and unearthed an entire procession of blazers that are clearly intended as homages to some of the greatest football kits of yore.

Manchester United, third (1992-94)

England, goalkeeper (1996)

It wasn’t long before other fans were piling in with their equally lurid suggestions…

An incredible dedication to the Shit Kits that built this game.

Baroness, we salute you.

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1 Comment

  1. VieuxSang says:

    Has an Italian designer locked up in her Baronial holdings, fed nothing but Lucozade, Maltesers and X.

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