Pies’ Christmas Football Gift Guide 2018: The Entirely Reasonably Priced Official Juventus Snowboard

Chris Wright

11th, December 2018

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An established name in the world of winter sports, feel free to let Juventus Football Club take care of all your snowboarding needs this Christmas.

These things are handmade to order by a company based in Turin and each take around 40 days to build and ship.

The cost? A staggering €1,399, or £1,262 in old money – which in fairness might be extraordinarily good value for a snowboard, who knows? It just seems like a lot to pay for something that is essentially a glorified ironing board.

Photo: Juventus FC

Word has it that this is the very board Cristiano Ronaldo uses to shred the Portuguese alps every year.

And before you ask, yes, of course it’s got  twin tip sandwich construction, E-type reinforced fiberglass structuring, anti-vibration rubber edges and a sintered iso-speed sole with ABS sidewalls.


Pies’ Christmas Football Gift Guide 2018

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