New Nike England kits for 2020/21 are semi-final contenders

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2020

Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane wearing the new England kits, home (left) and away (right)

Much like the England team, the new Three Lions kits are both very smart, if not competition winners. It’s hard to fault either. The home shirt is a model in simplicity (you might call it forgettable, but I like it), whilst the blue away number will cater for England fans who want a shirt you can wear on a night out in Mykonos – Kane sure appears to like it.

The fact that one of these new kids shirts costs £54.95 is another matter entirely (it’s £69.95 for the adult version), and a problematic one. On the day that newspapers are leading with Marcus Rashford’s admirable efforts to battle child poverty, how must the FA feel launching a children’s kit that costs so much? No football shirt for kids should cost more than £25-30. It’s shameful, but it’s nothing new.

More pics, which include shots of the new England training kit:

Is this the closest Man Utd fans will get to seeing Jadon Sancho in red?