Puma V1 06 Soft Ground football boot. Wilkommen zum fussball indeed

Ollie Irish

13th, July 2006

During the World Cup, you may have seen those mysterious Puma ads starring a bunch of footballers (Pires, Ljungberg etc.) and some old dude named Pele, who pops up at the end to say, ‘Wilkommen zum fussball’ in a voice that makes him sound like your confused grandfather.

Well, here’s what the fuss was about – Puma’s V1 06 Soft Ground football boot, an extremely light bit of kit that makes it much easier for the modern player to f**k up his metatarsals. Only joking Mr Puma – I’m sure your new boots are tremendous and if you’d like to send me a pair (size 9 please), then get in touch…

Available from Kitbag for £99.

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