Shit Football Kits: Luton Town Away 1994-95

Ollie Irish

18th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Migraine ahoy!

Too many stripes, you think? Jaysus, that is an abomination. Bonus points if you identified John Hartson (top) and Marvin Johnson.

Can any Luton fans tell me about the mysterious ‘Hatter’ kit manufacturer, who made Luton’s kits for this one season? Did the club actually make their own kits in 1994-95? Do tell…

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  1. Baggees says:

    It’s like one if those mats made of random rags you see at Dudley Market. Also I spotted John Hartson I did, if there are points give us ’em.

  2. LeicesterHatter says:

    Using a bit of detective work, it would seem that the kit was made by Bukta before they went bankrupt and subsequently rebadged to “Hatters’.

    Luton’s home kit for this season 94/95 was the same template/design as Derby County’s (bar the collar and colours). Derby’s kit for that season was made by their own brand called ‘Rams Prowear’, just like Luton’s was made by ‘Hatters’. However, the season before Derby had exactly the same kit but it was made by Bukta, so when they went bankrupt Derby rebadged the kit to ‘Rams Prowear’.

  3. sideburnedhatter says:

    awesome kit

    i loved/still love it!

  4. LTID says:

    What! You don’t like the kit!!!???

  5. Great kit. Great team… Surely the way ahead for boring monocoloured barcodes?

  6. Did Hatter make Bill Cosby’s sweaters as well?

  7. Ollie Irish says:

    Thanks LeicesterHatter!

  8. eric says:

    whats with the /USA with the slash over it?

    oh yeah.. I know

    you faggot fucks can’t handle AMERICA holding the WC in 94.

    still the highest attendence EVER…

    suck a big fat sloppy american cock.

    oh yeah..


  9. Simon says:

    USA (in this case) stands for Universal Salvage Auctions. It may please you to know that not only did we appreciate your hosting of the 1994 World Cup, we’re also grateful to your country for sending Diana Ross over to England to teach our internationals how to take penalties. Our recent attempts from 12 yards suggest that she’s taught them everything she knows.

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