Euro Trash: Uefa Euro 2008 bathrobe

Ollie Irish

2nd, June 2008

Release your inner Kris Kringle with this overpriced dressing gown
euro 2008 dressing gown.jpg
What does Santa Claus wear when he is in his hotel room getting ready to go to the opening match of Euro 2008? Probably one of these actually. One of the joys of a major international football tournament is trawling through the official merchandise and wondering who actually buys the tat on offer. It is as stupid as buying anything that has no taste whatsoever, except these come with a best before date in the shape of the little logo saying ‘2008’. So if you know anyone who would part with £35 of their hard-earned cash to line Michel Platini’s pockets and parade around their house in this, please let us know so that we can send them hate mail. Click here to buy…

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