Arsenal’s new away kit is blue and awful

Ollie Irish

13th, May 2009


Ouch, that is nasty
This is a leaked photo (montage) of Arsenal’s away kit for the 2009/10 season. First thing you notice… it’s blue, like the sort of blue worn by bitter rivals Spurs. Second thing you notice, it looks cheap and nasty. That’s what I think, anyway. Some of you might dig the colour and subtle pinstripes. Not me - I hope it’s a fake. Arsenal’s current yellow-and-blue away kit is much, much better.
The kit will be officially launched on 25 June. [@ Football Shirt Culture]

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  1. whoopie goldbars says:

    It’s not terrible – I’m just glad it’s not that horrible green and blue one that was doing the rounds…
    Still, it’s pretty bland compared to the current one.

  2. Tommy says:

    ha, it looks like one of those cheap copies from thailand you can get on ebay for like $15 US…perfect….

  3. EricTheGreen says:

    I’m calling this a fake…the edges of both the Nike swoosh and the Emirates logo show pixelation and obvious blurring when enlarged.
    And, yes, I do probably have too much free time on my hands…

  4. kyle says:

    nah, it’ real, there’re pics of theo wearing it I think it looks quite cool actually. There’s also a white version that could very well be the alternate kit

  5. Sharmake Ali says:

    thats does not even look real man asenal can get better shirts they should get black one i havent seen them with black one
    one more time that shirt is not real srsenal can get better shirts

  6. lucy says:

    i dont mind this kit to be honest. I prefer the white one though. Ive seen better.

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