Video: Arsenal reveal new away kit for 2009/10 season

Ollie Irish

21st, May 2009

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Sartorial excellence? Hmm, no

Look at the fancy Gooners! They may be rubbish at winning silver, trophy-shaped things, but they’re at the cutting-egde when it comes to announcing their new kit, as this embedded video shows. (And I didn’t realise Arshavin was so much shorter than Fabregas.)
We put up a leaked photo of the dark blue away kit a couple of weeks ago, and the majority of you decided it looked plain nasty. Now that it’s been confirmed, have you changed your mind? I still think it looks like something you’d find on the sales rack at JJB Sports.
The kit is available to buy on 25 June, but you can pre-order it online

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1 Comment

  1. LFP says:

    its still not very nice but it almost looks beautifulagainst that horrible, horrible goalie kit! nike are slowly getting worse and worse at this football kit malarky

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