Cristiano Ronaldo can’t fill his elephant thong, says ex-WAG Nereida Gallardo

Ollie Irish

10th, August 2009



Quote of the day goes to Nereida Gallardo, one of C-Ron’s most skanky famous ex-WAGs. Here she is talking about Ron’s favourite underwear, a red, elephant-trunk thong:
mens elephant.jpg“He puts his willy where the elephant’s face is. But he doesn’t fill its trunk. During our time together he got turned on more by looking at himself in the mirror than at me.”

I just did some sick in my mouth.

Gallardo, who is obviously on a one-woman mission to humiliate the man who snubbed her, also revealed that C-Ron’s libido is no match for hers:

“I can do three or four orgasms and he fell asleep after one.”

I just did some sick in my mouth. Again.
To be fair to Ronny, doesn’t every man fall asleep after one orgasm (except Sting)? No FAIL there.
Note to self: be very careful when searching for “elephant thong” on Google Images.

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