Puma launches 11 new African kits for 2010: Vote for your favourite!

Ollie Irish

12th, October 2009


Puma has unveiled its 2010 football kits for the 11 African teams it currently sponsors: Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Egypt, Tunisia, Namibia, Morocco, Angola, Senegal and Togo. It also announced a deal to sponsor the Algerian national team; if Puma played Risk, it would put all of its armies in Africa, clearly.

Check out our gallery of the colourful kits below, and vote for which one floats your boat:


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Angola home

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  1. Philando Torres says:

    Good to have Pies back.

    None of these kits are particularly bad. Boring twat that I am, I prefer the Ghana and Senegal homes shirts. They’re plain white but without the half-arsed look of the England top.

  2. liam P says:

    Puma have really outdone there usually poor kits, stand up designers of the new spurs kits, to make some really great kits for the african cup of nations, i especially like the angola, ivory coast kits and especially the tunisia away strip.

    Well done puma (didnt think id ever say that)

  3. CarltonBanks says:

    I love these kits! Like Liam, I’m not normally a big fan of Puma tops but most of these are great. Not meaning to sound prententious, but I feel the kits actually evoke images of Africa which is good.

    I especially love how they have the symbols/nicknames of each nation shadowed in the corners (elephant for Ivory Coast, black star for Ghana etc).

  4. Lucy Ferr says:

    I wish you’d put these kits up in a manner other than serial. I’d like to have had a side panel where one could click on Country/Home-Away and see the kit in the main panel. So if I wanted to see if Ivory Coast was the only away kit with a national animal on it, I’d be able to easily look it up. Or if I just wanted to see two country’s kits and not all eleven.

    22 kits and we can only choose one? Why not allow us to choose the best three?

    I like the symbols in the upper right of most home kits.

    I *love* the stripes on the kit looking painted and uneven rather than a perfect machine line.

    I thought the Namibian shirts putting ‘Namibian Football Association’ in full was really lame. I suppose it was to ensure that the quality of the shirt design wasn’t better than the quality of the team. (Ok, I’ll quit picking on the tiny country now.)

    The Morocco away shirt was innovative. I have never seen a white shirt that good. The uneven thin/thinner green horizontal stripes work wonders.

    The Togo home kit was weird in that it had two animals on it both in action-states – the leaping puma and the landing eagle/hawk/whateverthatbirdis – but not going towards each other. If the bird and the national shield logo had been switched, then the animals would have been going towards each other, making it a real action scene, and much cooler as a shirt for an action sport.

    The Ivory Coast home kit looks like a sock. The away kit is brilliant – love the orange and the elephant.

    The best colours are the Ivory Coast away orange, the Egypt away brown (hate the vertical stripes though), and the Angola away yellow.

    No all-black shirts? (I didn’t get beyond 16)

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  6. Mensroomsink says:

    Ghana, Ivory Coast and Morocco Home (in that order).

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