West Brom Launch New Adidas Training Range – Peter Odemwingie Wears Worst Jeans You’ll Ever See (Photos)

By Chris Wright

West Brom launched their brand-spanking new Adidas training range (the new kits are scheduled to be unveiled at a later date) via their official website this morning – an occasion that Peter Odemwingie chose to mark by sporting the single foulest pair of jeans you’re ever likely to witness…


The Baggies’ nouvelle casual gear all looks pretty slick, but those jeans look like Odemwingie has had every pair of trousers he’s ever owned ripped apart by slavering rottweilers and then commissioned the tatters to be stitched back together into one new pair by a blind-folded Michael J Fox.

Egads that was tasteless.

(Photos via WBA.co.uk, thanks to Lisa Marshall for the tip-off)