Jose Mourinho Is The New Face Of Braun, Names Heavily-Bearded Man As His Style Icon (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Huzzah! Razor-merchants Braun have just announced that they have thrust a small fortune Jose Mourinho’s way in return for him signing up as their new ‘global brand ambassador’ – meaning that he’ll now be gouging people’s eyes out with the supreme confidence that having a face as smooth as Isaac Hayes singing a ballad about a baby’s bottom tends to afford a man…

I could be wrong here, but surely Sean Connery (a man who has sported a rather dense, luxurious beard for at least the last three decades) surely isn’t one of the best names to dredge up as a ‘style icon’ after signing up with a brand that specialises in shaving products?

Anywho, feel free to cut this photo of Jose out and blu-tack it to the ceiling above your bed – go on, I dare you

“My name is Jose, and I’ll keep you safe tonight”