Colombian Footballer Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Jesus Tattoos

Alan Duffy

14th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

Tat’s entertainment…

Colombian Juan Pablo Pino obviously didn’t invest in a copy of The A-Z Of Saudi Etiquette when he moved on loan from Galatasaray to Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr in the summer.

The winger was arrested by Saudi “moral police” in a shopping mall in Riyadh after fellow shoppers complained about the Colombian’s tattoos on his arms, which were exposed by his sleeveless top. Rather than the usual clichéd footballer tats (see Chinese writing, snakes or stars etc), Pino’s body is adorned in religious symbols, including the face of Jesus, which, as you can imagine, didn’t go down to well in the extremely strict Saudi Arabia.

Eventually the Colombian did escape the wrath of the country’s hardcore justice system and was released after expressing “deep sorrow” for his actions.

The Saudi Football Federation had sent a circular to all clubs asking their players to respect the country’s traditions and keep their dodgy tats hidden in public but I guess Pino missed that one.

If only the FA could send around a similar memo, warning footballers to keep every single one of their naff tats hidden at all times.

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  1. Scott says:

    Nice bit of religious discrimination from the saudis

  2. gamblino says:

    What an absolute fucking fascist disgrace of a country.

  3. __wowza says:

    Eventually the Colombian did escape the wrath of the country’s hardcore justice system and was released after expressing “deep sorrow” for his actions.

    “deep sorrow”: aka “i had to say i was sorry for wearing my religion on my body”

    you cant complain really, you go into a country, you know the rules. if you didnt agree with them just dont go there. i dont agree with it, but that’s the way its run.

  4. KingEric7 says:

    “you go into a country, you know the rules. if you didnt agree with them just dont go there” – Right, because here in the UK we don’t go out of our way to accommodate others cultures and customs…

  5. red army says:

    saudi is not being fascist because jesus is a profit in islam and therefore his tattoos would be offensive

  6. ddd says:

    Doesnt Christian Wilhelmsson have a jesus tatoo across his back aswell?

  7. Pkhakheria says:

    looks like kaka won’t be playing in saudi

  8. r.e.d says:

    why dont sum of u fags stop being racist and accept not everyone is the same.

  9. Redskywalker says:

    Hope the Saudis never make the world cup again.

  10. Ryan says:

    ” Tatts ” is spelled with 2 ” t’s “

  11. OB says:

    *oops… retarded

  12. naif - KSA says:

    Muslim State Saudi Arabia. And prevents show Christ and Christianity, other religions

    Last season to prevent player Romania “mirel radoi” show the tattoo in game

  13. Andres says:

    What a country disgrace!!!!!!!! Those people live on the XII Century!!!!!!

  14. Mick says:

    Pretty soon thats going to be England.

  15. lplp says:

    saudi arabia is pathetic. they send their mula’s and haji’s all over europe who have absolutely every freedom one can wish for, including their sutpid backwards religion and they STILL riot and protest. while in their country, no other religion than islam is even allowed to exist. i say they are the biggest hypocrites, and thats just one of the epithets they deserve. other one is faschist.
    pino had to say he was in deep sorrow to avoid getting his head cut the fuck off with a pocket knife. if i was him i’d leave that hellish place..

  16. muslim says:

    @lplp why do you have this much amount of hate that makes you blind? Other arabian countries have protests because of their unjust leaders and government. Most of the times I see a person who speaks about Saudi Arabia in Europe or any other place is lying and giving false information about our country seeking to make a bad reputation and trying to make it fall by any way. And why would someone get his head cut off because of a tattoo thats stupid. In Islam we only kill a killer, a married man/woman who did sex with anyone other than his wife/husband, or someone who left the islamic religion. We dont immediately kill him because the murderer can be forgiven by the victim’s family and pay a debt for them in exchange for the life of that victim. And for the second one the person can ask forgiveness from god and not do it ever again and he wont get killed if the government didnt find a proof or didnt know of his sin. And the for the third one the person has a three day warning to return to Islam. Those rules are from god and some rules are given from the king like the order to kill a person who sells drugs and does child sex abuse because it didnt occur at the time of prophit mohammed. We have a very strict moral police which make mistakes like the one about pino because they care alot in preventing the spread of anything that harms our religion and community. and about terrorrism Islam strictly forbidens the kill of people for no reason other than the ones I already told and the people who are participating in a war. If the terrorrist is a muslim and does know that terrorrism is forbidden and still terrorrizes innocent people he will have left Islam. If you read about Islam through history you will difintely find many examples of nobelity and good manners even to an enemy. The wrong actions of a little group of muslims dont represent the actions of every muslim and doesnt reprsent the original actions Islam has ordered us to do. Can you explain how our religion is “backwards” and how are we hypocrites?!?!?!

  17. Jeremy says:

    @muslim I think you mozzies are idiots, we have a freedom to choose. what kind of religion is yours in which you can convert to islamic but you cannot convert to another religion otherwise you die???? absolutely pathetic. but you say you have good manners towards your enemys. your god is not real you have no place in this world and you shall burn in hell for all eternity.

  18. muslim says:

    @Jeremy The person dies because religion isn’t a game, it is a serious matter and his death is a moral to everybody so every one sees the punishment he deserves and not try to follow his actions. And I already said that he has a 3 day warning. From what you wrote I think that you didn’t understand me well. If a non-muslim that never chose the Islamic religion before enters a muslim country it doesn’t mean that he will die if he didn’t convert to Islam, he chose his religion and he is responsible for it. What I am talking about is that if someone chose Islam and then converted his religion he will get the consequences and these rules are from God. Our God is the one and only God who created everything in the whole space and he is the same God that Jesus and all the other prophets made people believe in and pray to.

  19. Stephen Hawking says:

    If you believe in science, like I do, you believe that there are certain laws that are always obeyed. If you like, you can say the laws are the work of God, but that is more a definition of God than a proof of his existence.

    Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.

    Because there are laws such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.

    I can back up all my words with the work of science, you religious friend on the other hand cannot.

  20. Fatma says:

    Those who say islam are facists are totaly insane.You cant judge a religion without knowing it.What about the disgusting drawings of prophet muhammad by a danish or banning of scarves and veils in western countries.Now who are facists???And about terrorism,invading of Afghanistan,Iraq,Palestain etc,Is that not terrorism,you only think of terrorism when harm is done in western countries??Oh as the proverb say “monkeys dont see their ass but can see the ass of fellow monkey “.The world has changed and nobody will be apologetic now.Every culturebhas to respected.In England and Italy,how many black footballers are degraded because of their skin colour.Think before you comment.And about this footballer how can you drawa picture of your lord(as the christians believe)you didnt even see his face and why is he drawn white and not black or coloured???Think about that.First the meaning of Islam is peace in arabic.Jesus is our respected prophet and loved by all but we can never draw him.And about Islam being a backward religion who wrote that is crazy one of the best known noblelists are muslims even the invasion of numbers and if you have doubts the net is available.

  21. lpp says:

    ‘the invasion of numbers’?
    u sumbliminaly are bred to be violent my friend.
    looks like Fatma has a deep-rooted desire to invade, blow up, convert, decimate, exterminate all infidels. you are so blinded by your so called religion of peace that you don’t even know what you know. in saudi arabia its considered blasphemous to respect, LET ALONE practice any religion other than islam, but in europe you arabs always start riots and wreck havoc when western CHRISTIAN countries refuse to build you 5 new mosques every year. clearly incompatible to live with normal human beings whose priorities are in check. religion is a bloody joke…

  22. vzxc says:

    @muslim – seems to me like you’re the blind one. you say that he wouldn’t get killed for his tatts, but if a person was to leave islam, they would be killed? thats almost the same thing.
    if islam was religion of peace, your boys wouldn’t have stabbed, shot and beheaded theo van gogh who made a movie about bad treatment of women in islam? HELLO??
    you can say that im racist and i may very well be, but your ‘kind’ is not compatible with anyone but themselves, so why the fuck dont u stay in the middle east?
    why the fuck do u ask for veils to be worn in the west, and not allow tattoos of jesus to be showed in the middle east? why is it that CHRISTIAN countries must build 5 new mosques every year for muslims, while in saudi arabia, the mere mention of worshiping of non-islam is punishable by death????
    and whats worse, one day you may take over europe and will surely exterminate all non-islamic institutions. serves us right for being idiots for letting you plague our continent…

  23. muslim says:

    First of all saying that there is no God and that earth and the universe was created by its own doesn’t make sense. Saying that the explosion by itself made our planet in a perfect shape is like saying that a library full of books had an explosion and because of that a new book was created in a perfect shape by the scattered pages and letters. Its impossible to make a perfect book without revising and editing and it wont even start the first pages only by an author. God created everything and that’s why people can live in earth and there are no faults in earth’s shape and structure.

    We have non-Muslims coming from around the world here in Saudi Arabia and they are having an easy and happy living without any interruption. Many of them come and get surprised because what they thought about Saudi Arabia and Muslims was not true. I saw in front of my eyes in the mall Americans really surprised that we have a mall and it has shops you can find in other parts of the world. Most of the foreigners join Islam by their choice and without force because of learning about true Islam and how it benefits a person in his life. I don’t know about the Muslims who start riots and wreck havoc in Europe but maybe they have a true reason but wrecking havoc is wrong and there are other ways for someone to get his rights without including innocent people in his problem.

    Tattoos are forbidden in Islam because God created people in the most perfect shape and everything God does has a wisdom we may or not understand. Making tattoos is a sabotage to God’s creation and God doesn’t forbid something only if it was harmful to a person. Look at the diseases tattoos can make to a person’s health. The people who killed Theo Van Gogh don’t represent all the Muslims and the Islamic religion. I read about them and what was written that they were part of terrorizing acts so that means they already made the mistake of being terrorists and it is a mistake that they assassinated Van Gogh by their own decision and putting the blame to Islam while no Islamic country ordered them to do that. We are ordered in Islam to be even peaceful and merciful to animals and plants not only humans. A woman trapped a cat and prevented it from food even from eating insects and rubbish in the ground until the cat died and God punished the woman with Hell. While a man who had many sins that overcome his good acts was thirsty and had a drink of water from a well, after he finished he found a dog so thirsty that he was licking the sand to find any wet part of it. The man used his shoe to fill it with water from the well and let the dog drink. For that God forgiven his sins and awarded him with Heaven.

    We don’t have tough education as the first world countries have thats why many Muslims leave their country to study outside. Even some can’t live well in their country so they don’t have a choice other than migration like the Africans in France and Spain. Every kind of tattoo is forbidden and not only the ones related to Jesus. And because our moral police is a little bit too much careful they make mistakes. He should have not shown his tattoos so he does not get disturbed and our moral police should have cared about the Muslims only. Maybe the drawing of a prophet angered them and disturbed the citizens because in Islam it is forbidden to imagine God or draw him and even all his prophets. I already said that non-Muslims from around the world are living a happy life in here and they are not disturbed because of their religion and are not killed. It is forbidden to kill innocent people and if Islam take over Europe Muslims won’t kill the citizens because they are not Muslims they will let them live their life. It is very rare for someone to leave Islam after choosing the Islamic religion over other religions. And in case if he left he has a 3 day warning and he will get advices and help from other Muslims to solve his issue. 3 days are more than enough for someone to revise himself and correct his mistake.

    Over time and centuries Muslims became weaker and away from their original religion and make more mistakes and most of them aren’t strong enough to fight the sins and the whispers of satan as they were before. Now it is hard to find the perfect Muslim like the first Muslims who were with prophet Mohammed. Over the next years it would be even more harder. Thats why many people get the wrong idea about Islam.

    Don’t forget that there are Muslim football players like Abidal, Affelay, Seydou Keita, Ozil, Khedira, Lassana Diara, Sahin, Altintop, Yaya Toure, Ribery, Benzema, Anelka, Kanoute, Zidane, and many others so you would be making fun of yourself if you said that they are terrorists.

  24. muslim says:

    I forgot to mention that what Theo Van Gogh’s video contained was true, but it was representing a small group of mislead Muslims whose actions don’t represent the correct Islam. My mother and sister don’t have the Holy Quran tattooed in their body and they are and never got abused nor do other Muslims in my part of the country.

  25. Kukulcán says:

    We, THE Mayans wrote a holy book before you and everyone else copied our shit. Consider this a cease and desist note or our lawyers will sue your unholy muslim ass for copyright infringement.
    PS: Now that I think about it, the world is coming to an end next year anyway, so, whatever!

  26. muslim says:

    Muslims didn’t copy anyone. Quran was revealed by God to prophet Mohammed and Quran is the last holy book revealed by God. There is the Scrolls of Abraham, the Psalms which has been revealed to prophet David, the Torah which has been revealed to prophet Moses and it was the start of the Jews, there is also the Scrolls of Moses, the Gospel (Bible) was revealed to prophet Jesus and it was the start of the Christians, and the last of them is the Quran revealed to prophet Mohammed and it was the start of the Muslims. There maybe holy books I don’t know about. From what I searched some of the holy books were revealed before there was a Mayan religion.

    I’m not afraid of 2012 and I don’t even doubt if its in 2012 because there are signs of the Day of Resurrection that didn’t occur yet, one of them is the second coming of prophet Jesus.

  27. Troll says:

    Obviously haven’t heard of trolling in your neck of the woods.
    Nobody gives a shit about your beliefs.


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